In 1995, Innovative Technology Company (ITC) was established by a group of local associates coming from a long military back ground.  Initially, ITC provided a wide range of defense related services such as:

⦁ Software packages (HRM, inventory, and combat readiness)
⦁ Security and defense consultancy (statistics, operations, and project execution)
⦁ Logistics support and training (security and safety, IT management)

     Since then, the security industry has grown and its importance has been globally and internationally recognized.  This led to the creation of a new demand and a deeper understanding towards the security industry which led to its privatization internationally.  With most agencies and companies heading towards the privatization of their security,   ITC managed to provide for the needs of this new concept of privatization in the security industry based on experience and development.  This has led to the expansion of undertaking projects and an increase in business associates for ITC, thus creating new opportunities for growth.

     Today, ITC strives to play a major role in securing all critical infrastructures both locally and in the region.  With the increase in threats around the world and in the Middles East in particular, the company provides standardized solutions in order to mitigate risks accordingly.  This is done by a team of qualified experts working in the company along with international partners and affiliates.  ITC has over the past years been successful in all works and projects handled whether they be related to providing services, management, consultancy or/and operations.